49cc Gas Scooter – Mobility For the Kids

If you are looking for something to get the kids in your household you should consider the 49cc gas scooter. They are lightweight, economical to operate and starting at under $400 they are reasonably priced.

The typical models come with an engine big enough to carry you a distance on average of 50 to 75 miles and it can do it at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour. All of this in a very neat little package that is just the right size for your children.

These transportation toys have gained momentum in recent years due to the mobility of our children. It’s just as easy now to crank up and go as it is to hop on a bicycle. And since a lot of these models actually fold down for easier storage and transporting they can be taken anywhere the family vehicle goes scootmobiel

So why go with a gasoline version of transportation? Well, for starters they have more power and a longer run time. They will also carry you farther on a single fillup. But one of the most compelling reasons that parents like them is that they don’t have to keep up with chargers. Also, once batteries are out you have to park it for recharging. With the gasoline version you simply fill up again and away you go- no down time.

These models can safely carry a kid all the way up to grown teenage size with room to spare. In fact, with a standard weight limit of over 200 pounds they can accommodate two people at once all though this is not recommended.

When you are trying to decide which model and type you want to purchase there are many to choose from. You can get a basic model for the smaller kids that looks like your typical version of scooter except with an engine. These go all the way through the spectrum all the way up to the ones that resemble a small motorcycle.

The 49cc gas scooter is a great gift for your children and it will allow them to be more independent in their movements instead of always hitting you up for a ride down the street.

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