Can We Eliminate West Nile Virus?

It appears the biggest spreaders of west Nile maybe birds. We know it is transferred to humans through, blood transfusions and Mosquitoes. But the birds, which have it pose a special problem. Those who watch and study birds, migratory and those species, which have been around since before the last ice age change know the regions where birds are. Where they feed, which niches they have adapted best to. For instance some birds live just beyond the forests and near the prairie or in the tundra. Others have adapted to live in trees of certain types; some are more prone to Mosquitoes than others.

How can we prevent West Nile, a multi-species problem from spreading between different life forms including humans? Can we figure out a way to rid the birds of the virus without hurting them? Can we continually spray areas with foggers in the backs of pick-ups, snow plows, municipal garbage trucks? Should we? What about DDT? Boy is that a hot bed of controversy, could the problem get that far? Well in tests of blood supply donated from the Denver DMA and extrapolating the number of people donating with the amount of affected units it was estimated that there could be 22,000 people who have contracted the virus in the UD. That is substantial disinfectant fogger machine

One idea is to spray the areas where birds congregate when migrating and where the natural regional species are. But this is not a totally working option. Others suggest that the spraying be done by aircraft such as AG spray planes. Although another idea has been to use seeds with protein and anti-virus medicine which the birds will eat. Another method would be to mist the area with micro-encapsulation drops which are at the molecular size which release at various times so you only have to disturb the wildlife once. Then there are deer, raccoons, and many other small critters, which can carry the virus so it might be rather impossible to eliminate from nature. Does this mean we get to live with this virus now? Or can we become pro-active to slow it and eventually beat it? Is this a good use of time and resources? Are we to accept the increase of random deaths in elderly and weaker individuals?

And our Equestrian community and livestock is also at issue. Is this a cost of doing business? Is this nature’s way of thinning out our weak or slowing populations? It appears that we need to be protective and render a competent defense plan and attack the problem from a proactive offensive strategy. Can we use the birds to help us? If a Mosquito stings a bird will the bird with the proper anti-virus transfer to the Mosquito? Can we then use nature to fix itself? There are many issues. But one thing is for sure, a species like the Mosquito which has been around for 400 million plus years is not going to suddenly give up its hard won and adapted foothold in the eco-system. As our carbon based bipod enemies attempt to attack our infrastructure strong holds and strengths against us, perhaps we should use our food chain and eco-system to assist us.

In other words turn our new virus enemy and its channel of distribution to defeat itself. By using birdseed with protein supplements to boost the anti-virus, we will assist the birds to be stronger and the Mosquito in their natural blood sucking endeavors will be curing themselves of the virus, which hitches a ride as a symbiotic transit bus transfer slip holder. Be putting the rider to sleep it simply cannot harm anyone at its final destination, the human blood stream. Birdseed coated with small traces of microencapsulated molecular level anti-virus with timed release could do the trick. The more the birds fly the better we spread the anti-virus and eventually it might live within the same areas where it originated in?

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