Pain Avoidance in Marketing a Retail Shopping Centre

The marketing of a retail shopping centre is an important process. If you get it right, the tenants in the property will improve their sales. If you get it wrong, the tenants will struggle to make the sales, and ultimately the landlord will feel the pressure on rental.

When tenants are struggling in a shopping centre, the vacancy factor starts to rise, and the occupancy pressures then flow through to the landlord through loss of income and outgoings recovery.

This then says that the marketing strategy for a retail shopping centre should be carefully considered and implemented. Here are some ideas to help with that strategy.

  1. Understand the shopper that comes to the property and their requirements. Every shopping centre will have local demographic factors to be observed when it comes to trade and sales. Match your property to the shopper and their purchasing requirements.
  2. The days of the week will show different shopper profiles and habits to be considered. The way to understand this is to do a survey of shoppers on a quarterly basis. If you cannot afford this, then talk to the tenants; they will usually have a good idea of what the shopper is looking for and on what days of the week. 레플리카 시계
  3. Look at the overall tenancy mix. You will have anchor tenants, specialty tenants, destination tenants, and service tenants that all attract the shopper in one form or another. Understand how the shopper gets to the property and then moves between those tenants. Some of those tenants will be more attractive than others when it comes to shopper interest. This is where the tenant mix and property design will have some impact.
  4. Put traffic counters on the doors to the property. This will allow you to understand where shoppers are coming from and how they move through the property. This ‘ant track’ may change on different days of the week and at different times.
  5. Look at how the car park and the transport drop off points work for the access to the shopping area and mall. High traffic zones will be an opportunity for signage. They will also give you a chance to get more rental if you work the tenant mix and tenant sizes.
  6. Your local area will have community events and seasonal shopping changes. Your marketing efforts should take these into account. Over a period of 12 months you can have a marketing plan that merges into the seasonal shopping activities.

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